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Why do one dental claim at a time? With ClaimX, we give you the option of batching all dental claims at once or doing them individually. How about knowing if your patient will be eligible for dental benefits prior to them arriving for their appointment


Easily check patient eligibility and view their dental benefits. Save time by removing the need to view multiple websites or calling dental insurance companies to obtain dental eligibility.



Calling dental insurance companies cuts into your office’s time — time that your office could be using to take care of patients and closing treatment plans. Let us take that burden from you so that you can do more for your patients.


Electronic eligibility responses are confusing! Get electronic eligibility responses back in a standardized format for quick and easy benefit verification with a single click. 



How would you like to never call a dental insurance company again? You don’t have to! We know that contacting dental insurance companies is time consuming and takes your front office team away from patient care. That is why we have created a program where you don’t have to worry and we complete all the dental insurance task for you!



Never mail another dental statement to a patient again. With StatementX, we take care of all that for you and also allow sending quick and easy electronic statements through our secure application.



ExtraDent was created in 2003. Recognizing the need for the new technology and listening to their customers requests is what made ExtraDent what it is today. Our approach is foreseeing the need for the latest technologies and applying it to simplify our clients practice.


Our flagship product, ClaimX, brings you the fastest and easiest way to process claims. We provide you applications that take advantage of existing and latest technologies that other programs just can't offer. This is all being supported by development professionals with over 60 years of combined experience in dental industry technology relating specifically to developing, supporting and maintaining software for the dental industry.

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