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Benefit Assistant

Tired of missing out on money from not collecting the claims you have earned? We have your solution. Benefit Assistant is committed to reducing the money you’re owed and boosting your profits by allowing you to request patient benefits at the click of a button.

Insurance Plans Change

Did you know that most insurance plans change every year? By not updating patient benefit information, it becomes much more likely that you will bill them wrong, which will create unhappy patients or lose out on money you have earned. We want to keep you from losing money, and losing business from negative word of mouth upset customers may spread to others.

Utilizing Benefit Assistant Will Improve Your Bottom Line

Utilizing our Benefit Assistant product will not only improve your bottom line, but will also keep dental patients happy! Billing estimates can be provided before each visit to make sure that you and your patients are not surprised. Our Benefit Assistant service greatly reduces the work-load on your staff so they can focus on patients and growing your practice. We offer Free Custom Benefit Sheets.

Contacting Insurance Companies Can Be Frustrating

 Is it really a good idea to take time away from office employees to contact them? Here at ExtraDent, we understand that to run a business efficiently, you need to make the most out of your office, so let us take care of contacting those companies for you! With Benefit Assistant, you can take care of patients, save money, and know that your office work is getting done.

See our sample Comprehensive Breakdown below or check out a sample of all of our forms here.

                      Any office that submits and                                handles the insurance needs of their patients NEEDS this 'power tool' - your team will thank you!


-Allen Jorgensen, Co-Founder

Lighthouse, Sugar Hill Georgia

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