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Electronic Eligibility is All Over the Place

Nearly every insurance company uses a different format for their electronic eligibility. Deciphering that eligibility responses from insurance companies is complex and we understand your frustration. With our years of experience assisting countless practices and dealing with insurance companies, we can help.

Benefit Express Can Help

Benefit Express is a quick and simple solution to deliver unlimited, real-time benefit verifications. With a single click, your office will receive a streamlined, digital breakdown of the most common eligibility questions as an easy-to read output that you can print out in your office. Benefit Express enhances the current Electronic Eligibility experience.

Standardized Output

Where other real-time eligibility solutions might offer raw, unorganized information, we restructure the data to fit our format, which provides a standard way to read patient benefit information.

Need More Benefit Information?

If you need additional information, beyond what is provided by Benefit Express, we can retrieve more in depth information with Benefit Assistant.  


Check out our sample for more information

*This is sample is for informational purposes only. Benefit Express provides information from the Electronic Data Interchange, information is directly from the insurance company and as such may vary depending upon the company

Benefit Express Demo 7-25-19v1.png
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