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Claim Management

ClaimX is an electronic insurance management system that interfaces with your Practice Management System. ClaimX will do more than submit your claims. ClaimX will help with claim processing, claim status and eligibility checking so your office runs more efficiently.

Realizing Your Needs

ExtraDent realizes how hectic and fragmented the dental billing industry has become. We understand your staff has more important responsibilities. ClaimX will provide efficiency and productivity that will allow you to focus on your number one priority, patients. Why do one claim at a time? With ClaimX, we give you the option of batching all claims at once or doing them individually. How about knowing your patients' eligibility and benefits prior to them arriving for their appointment!

Reducing Your Costs

At ExtraDent we realize that time is money. The more time you spend on billing and insurance issues the less time you spend with patients. ClaimX provides the technology to help reduce administrative time on claims, bringing you the savings you deserve. We provide billing fee options to meet any size office. Whether you do 50 or 15,000 claims per month, the savings will be realized almost immediately. ClaimX can deliver a monthly savings as high as 50% per month over the national average.


                       Our dental office began using ClaimX in January of 2011 by way of an ad in the ODA Today publication. I deal with all of the employees of ClaimX depending on my need at the time. They all justifiably take pride in consistently meeting and frequently exceeding the standards and expectations of my problems. Their friendliness and ease of being able to solve a problem really makes my job much easier. 

 - Bert, Office Manager
(Kreider & Krogg, DDS., Inc.)

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