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ClaimX Promo Code: CLXRZ3M

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Free Registration Fee (a $239 savings)

Plus 3 Months Free Service ($34 per month savings)

Expires 1/1/2022

*The promo code is only eligible for month to month payments. The monthly fee after the free month is $34 per month for unlimited attachments. NEA also offers an annual payment option of $384 per year for unlimited attachments.

NEA’s FastAttach system can make the transmission and review of important documentation easier and faster, which saves you time and money.  It also makes the adjudication process more efficient, which enables payments to be made more quickly.

By submitting electronic attachments such as X-rays, EOBs, perio charting, and more, you can send all your claims electronically.  This eliminates printing any paper claims to mail with attachments.


Step 1: Call NEA at 800-782-5150 opt #2 or visit the NEA website for more information

Step 2: To register for FastAttach, visit, register online by clicking the “FastAttach Registration” button and enter promotion code CLXRZ3M. 

Step 3: Install and train with NEA Fast Attach

Step 4: Call ClaimX technical support at 866-886-5113 Opt. 7 for demonstration on how to use NEA FastAttach with ClaimX

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How does

FastAttach™ work?

FastAttach™ securely transmits electronic attachments through the Internet to NEA's repository. Once the attachment is received, a confirmation report is immediately transmitted back to the provider for tracking purposes. The attachments are stored for the insurance carriers and are available to their consultants for review.

Do I have to have a digital x-ray system?

No. Over 70% of the providers utilizing FastAttach™are using scanners. If you do not have a digital x-ray system you will need a scanner with a transparency adapter.

How do the attachments get connected to the claims?

According to your software and claims clearinghouse, you will connect your attachments to the claims either manually or automatically with a simple tracking number in the remarks section of your electronic claim.

How do I know if I need to send an attachment or not?

FastAttach™ has a message box that informs you which procedures need attachments for each insurance carrier. This eliminates unnecessary work on your part.

How much does FastAttach™


There is a one-time $200 registration fee that includes the software, installation and training. FastAttach™ is $34 monthly and includes unlimited usage (no per attachment fee), unlimited telephone support, and software upgrades at no additional charge.

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