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Welcome, Dental WebSmart Clients!

We exclusively created this webpage for the clients and referrals of Dental WebSmart.

ExtraDent is a proud sponsor of Dental WebSmart, and created a special bundle of electronic services designed for reducing your time and money spent on checking patient eligibility, insurance claim submission, and remittance advice from insurers.  Please review the brief summaries of services available to you at a special discounted price.  You can get more detailed information by filling out the contact form on this page, or by calling ExtraDent toll free at 866-886-5113 and stating that you were referred by Dental WebSmart.

The Dental WebSmart special bundle includes:

  • Electronic Eligibility - ExtraDent realizes checking patient eligibility is the first step to having a healthy revenue cycle.  Insurance eligibility confirms the patient’s plan information before services are rendered resulting in fewer claim rejections and denials.  Due to changes in our healthcare, it’s not unusual for an employer to change their plan each year.  Additionally, we recognize that the traditional ways of checking eligibility and benefits are so time consuming that you do not always have enough time to properly check the eligibility of your patients.   ClaimX’s eligibility service enables ExtraDent to be your one main source for obtaining eligibility and benefits information for your patients.

  • Electronic Claims – ExtraDent’s ClaimX system works with your dental practice management system enabling you to keep using your current software program to submit claims electronically to insurers.

  • Electronic Claim Status – You can easily review claim status reporting to keep current on the status of each claim, which will help you with necessary payer follow up and accounts receivable management.

  • Pricing for this special bundle is:

    • No set up fee and 30 days FREE

    • $19.95 per month for unlimited eligibility and claim status checks

    • 19¢ per claim, which is less than half the cost of one stamp

An additional option is patient statements via StatementX.  We know your time to complete all your duties is shrinking.  At the same time, the cost of mailing patient statements continues to go up with postage, ink, paper, and envelopes.  The estimated total cost of these items is approximately 60 cents per statement.  For an extra 12 cents per statement, doesn’t it make sense to let someone else print, fold, and mail all those statements?  ExtraDent will provide a report explaining what was mailed each month and you can spend more time on other things.  Ask ExtraDent how to get started.

Dental WebSmart Contact Information


Phone: 1.888.877.5648, ext 801

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