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Electronic Eligibility

ExtraDent realizes checking patient eligibility is the first step to having a healthy revenue cycle. Insurance eligibility confirms the patient's plan information before services are rendered resulting in fewer claim rejections and denials. Due to changes in our healthcare, it is not unusual for an employer to change their plan each year. Additionally, we recognize that the traditional ways of checking eligibility and benefits are so time consuming that you do not always have enough time to properly check the eligibility of your patients. The ClaimX eligibility service enables ExtraDent to be your one main source for obtaining eligibility and benefits information for your patients.

HOW DOES THE CLAIMX ELECTRONIC ELIGIBILITY SERVICE HELP YOU? At ExtraDent, we know time is money. Therefore, let our eligibility service do the following:
Enables you to check patients' eligibility before their scheduled appointments with one command.
Allows you to check patients' eligibility either individually or several at once.
Provides you with a summary report of patients with active coverage and ones that need updated information.
Provides the patient's plan benefits before treatment, so you can provide information for the patient -to make decisions on treatment and paying their portion of the fees.
Reduces your interaction time with payers.

​An eligibility inquiry call to the payer can take as long as 25 minutes. With the ClaimX eligibility service, reduce that time to 15 seconds! Save time by eliminating the need to log into multiple payer websites to check eligibility information. Our system brings that information to you in one easy to use platform. Increase the probability of fewer returned or denied claims due to eligibility issues. Ensure more control over your entire revenue cycle by starting with accurate and important plan eligibility and benefits information provided by a knowledgeable customer service staff based in the United States.

Happy dental hygenist


                    The great folks at Extradent are always there to help with any cares or concerns you might have! It's always been a great experience for me!


-  Stacey, Office Manager

Cordova Dental

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