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StatementX is an easy way for your office to NEVER stuff another patient statement in to an envelope again! StatementX is a small application that is fast and simple to use. You select your patients statement information and click send. From there, ClaimX receives this information and does the rest. We print, stuff, and mail your statements for you and give you all the information back in a easy to read report. Save more time and money by sending statements with our safe and secure application.

Patient Care Is First

ExtraDent understands your staff's day-to-day responsibilities. The number one priority is patient care. StatementX will provide efficiency and productivity back into their day. Industry average suggests it takes approximately a total of 14 hours for an office to process 1000 statements. That is 14 hours your staff spends away from your patients! By signing up with StatementX, you could add that time back to the care of your patients.

Save on paper AND time

Reducing Your Costs

At ExtraDent we realize that time is money. The more time you spend on internal office responsibilities, the less time you spend with patients. StatementX provides the technology to help reduce administrative time on patient billing. Why have money sitting on the shelves with printing inventory? StatementX will help minimize that. Whether you do 100 or 1000 statements per month, the savings will be realized almost immediately. Industry average suggests the total cost per statement is around $1. StatementX can cut that cost down to as little as $0.79 per statement! StatementX will provide immediate savings to your bottom line!

What We Do

From one of our templates we will customize your statement per your request. When we receive your patient billing information, ClaimX will begin processing them immediately. We will print them in black and white on your template, stuff the statement with a return envelope into the mailing envelope, mail the statements, and submit back to you an easy to read report! Patient billing has never been easier!

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